Marketing Agencies are dead. Hire a Marketing Consultant. 

In this age of AI, a lot of what you get as a client is copy paste or AI generated content & strategy, what you need is someone who understands your business, your customers and gives you a bespoke marketing plan that works for the unique YOU.

Hi, I am Anubhav Khanna, a marketer with 15+ years of experience working across different industries specialising in Digital Marketing & eCommerce.

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Strategy is what connects all together - your website, paid ads, affiliate, social media, seo, email and more. Strategy is what makes business generate money in long term. Combine it with excellent execution, you have a formidable recipe



The advantage of working with a hands-on professional is you get some things actually done vs untested theories and ideas. Proof of the pudding is in the eating after all. So yes I know how to run ads and get you money out of them.



Or May be you have an excellent team in place already and just getting stuck in any way in your marketing - low conversion rates, not enough brand buzz, increasing acquisition costs. Over 15 yrs., I have faced multiple real-life challenges - and resolved most of them.

$15 Million + revenue generated annually.

eCommerce (or simply generating revenue from online world) is what gives me the kick. Having worked with millions of $ in budget has given me exposure to all scales and levels of marketing.


Supercharge your marketing or start from scratch.

Whether you have enough resources and just need a knowledgeable marketer to listen and guide you or you work with limited resources, I can guide you on which are the best next steps.

Years of Experience

> 15

Budgets managed annually

0-$10 Mn 

Brands Launched

> 10

Digital Tools Used




Because I Know What Does Not Work.

I know. I know. Does not sound so promising. But I like speaking the truth. I have failed multiple times and succeeded a few - but boy what successes were those. I know what does not work and WHAT WORKS. So I can get you where you want your business to be. There is no magic pill. Step-by-step is the answer. Effective A/B testing is the answer. Right strategy and passionate execution is the answer.

Save on Agency Retainers

Agencies manage multiple clients at a time. They don't have time to understand the root causes of issues or feel the essence of your brand. So what you get is solution to a symptom not the cure. I work with you dedicatedly for a certain period of time and don't have multiple clients at the same time. So what you get is 100% attention.

Hit the bull's eye with right creative thought

Creativity speaks to the soul of a customer. Creative thought is what maintains consistency across channels and memorability in your campaigns. Don't just create an Ad, create a memorable Ad. I have orchestrated multiple Ad shoots, conceptualised  many videos, made so many social media calendars. And I do it with excitement every single time because I am a creative person at heart and this is what keeps me going.

Strategy. Strategy. Strategy.

No. A Media plan is not strategy. A Content calendar is not strategy. And CRM workflows is not strategy. It is all PART of a strategy. Strategy is how the dots connect to form a line. Strategic thinking is what sets me apart in this ecosystem.

24/7 Support

Nah, I am kidding. I am a human. Although not 24/7, I will solve your problems and help reach your objectives. Isn't that what you are looking for.


Pick Your Bundle

Unlock Tailored Marketing Solutions. 

Every organisation's needs are different. I can work with you on a small or a big problem. Detail Orientation is my strength and Understanding of Digital Landscape is my specialise in.

Level 1
(Find the opportunity)

Get Ready To Get Started


ONE TIME - 2 weeks

  • Website Diagnosis
  • A 3 month Media Plan
  • Detailed Competition Research
  • Google Analytics account Audit

Level 2
(0-6 months Strategy)

Put everything into action mode


ONE TIME - 4 weeks

  • Target Audience decoding
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • One Creative Campaign thought end to end
  • Top 10 Recommendations to increase revenues by at least 20%

Level 3
(Long Term Strategy)




  • Marketing Strategy for 1 year
  • Brand Tag-Line
  • Digital Marketing & eCom Strategy
  • ATL & BTL Campaign Ideas
  • Content Strategy for next 3 months
  • Digital Analytics - Reports & Dashboards
  • Hero Copy for all channels


What are others saying about me?

Yes, people trust me, love working with me and recommend me.


Mr Dependable ,would be the best brief summary for Anubhav. Despite the innumerable challenges which a start up brand would usually face across its various lifecycle stages, specially dealing with people and environment from different work cultures and languages, Anubhav could sail thru them ...unfazed.<br/>He not only is a guru wrt to his digital knowledge and strategies but also a 'Guru'/mentor to his subordinates, guiding and mentoring them thru

Mayuresh Wadke

CMO, Gaming Company


I have known Anubhav for long time now. To my mind, consistent perseverance, high standards of professionalism & work ethics, and receptiveness to absorb, adapt and learn newer aspects in his work area stand out as his chief qualities. To add to it, he is very focused & result oriented. Undoubtedly, he is and will be an asset to any team that he associates himself with. I wish him all the very best in his current & future endeavors. Best!

Abhinav Pincha

Business Growth and Brand Development leader


Anubhav is an amazing professional, who brings all the skills a digital marketer should have. Because he has many years of experience in digital, he knows a variety of creative methods to scale a product, and he ensures you learn what you need to. His calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you’re making mistakes. He is always encouraging and positive. I was lucky to report to Anubhav, a manager who’s not only interested in the company’s bottom line, but also in his teams professional growth.

Ashish Bhasin

Growth Marketing Manager, Hike


Take the first step to change the way you do marketing for your business.


Top Questions Asked

I know you would have so many questions. Here are a few ones I think would be good enough to start with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Here are my answers

Q. How does this work?

Step 1: You choose the plan that works best for your business and make the payment

Step 2: Within one business day, I send you a short 'discovery' form to take the first step to understand your business and objectives

Step 3: 3rd day I contact you via email and set up our discovery call to mutually agree on the deliverables and timelines.

Step 4: You get your customised solution delivered to your inbox in the 2-6 weeks time depending upon what plan you take.

Q. Do I need to choose a plan now?

Yes, I will be clear in delivering you the best solution when you are clear about the scale you want to take. This is critical to arrive at the right expectations or results and avoid conflicts of any kind.

Q. Can I switch plans later?

Yes, Definitely. If you like the work we do together we can scale up.

Q. How do I know you will not run away with my money?

Hmm. genuine doubt. No other way to answer this question other than TRUST. I am a thorough professional already earning in more than half a million AED in salary. you can check out my Linkedin profile over here.

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